The Monster in Your Closet

My older son spent his first three years in an apartment a few blocks from the ocean. We’d often walk to a nearby park just across the street from the ocean.

Li’l D, back then
My husband,Anthony, and I took both our boys and their new digging toys to this park the day after Christmas.

Seven-year-old Li’l D had barely begun using his remote-controlled excavator when a slightly younger girl came up and asked him to use it. My shoulders stiffened a little and I held my breath, hoping no intervention would be required.

(I’m not usually an intervener. Kids learn these ropes by navigating them. Still, sugar coursed through both my boys’ veins and the toy was very new.)

“Sure!” he replied. “This is how you use it.” He gave her a 30-second crash course before scampering off to make friends.

Li’l D and his two-year-old brother…

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